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Santoses Promote RVPs, Advance to SVP

Friday, December 19th, 2014


Fifteen months ago, new Senior Vice President (SVP) David & Shanika Santos, of Sacramento, CA, lit a fire in their base shop that caused a ripple effect of activity. That activity led to four new downline Regional Vice President (RVP) promotions, more families helped, and a step up for themselves.

“Shanika and I both know that this business is not about us,” David reflects. “It’s about how many people you can help along the way. For 14 years, we were stuck at RVP. We reached some of our life goals, but we realized we weren’t really having the kind of impact on others that we needed to.”

He continues, “We were counting on the idea that people make themselves into RVPs – which is true – but as leaders, we have a responsibility to help our teammates recognize their own potential, and get them to fight through the challenges to get to the next level, just like we did. Those four promotions really lit a fire in our business because it proved to our team that they could do it, too!”

Finding Primerica has changed everything for the Santos family. “We are now able to give generously to our local church and we have the time to volunteer,” relates David. “Our children see life far differently than how we viewed life when we were their age.

“We spend our days providing hope and opportunity to people in our community. We love what we do and we have now added hundreds of people to our extended family. Our goal was always to leave a legacy. When we first started, we didn’t know how we were going to do it. Now, we know that with Primerica, we’ll get it done!”*

Awesome job, David and Shanika! Primerica changed your future and you’ve made a career out of paying that gift forward to the lives of those you meet every day!

*The Ownership Program is subject to terms, conditions and applicable regulatory requirements. Please see POL for the Ownership Program documents and policies, which control in all respects. 14PFS561

Landrys Take on SVP Level

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


A few years ago, Chauvon Landry, of Metairie, LA, was working as a waitress, bringing in about $10,000-per-year of income while her husband, Antoine delivered pizzas while trying to score a professional basketball contract. They needed a game changer – and they found it in Primerica.

“We were drawn to Primerica by the opportunity to become the financial MVP of our family,” explains Antoine. “We’re the ultimate competitors, and Primerica is a competitor’s paradise! It feels amazing to have taken our Senior Vice President (SVP) promotion, as it gets us one step closer to the ultimate business position of Senior National Sales Director. It is our awesome BEASTNATION hierarchy who got us to this level and we are so grateful and appreciative of their efforts!”

Chauvon says they became “obsessive” during their SVP run, a practice they plan to continue as they grow toward future goals. “We got obsessive about training, developing and promoting qualified Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs),” says Chauvon. “That’s the distribution play that (Primerica Co-CEO) John Addison called two years ago. We tell our people to pay attention to the direction the company is going in – and don’t be afraid to promote RVPs!”

The Landrys are excited about getting to the next level because of what that milestone means for their team. “We had four RVPs in the October 2014 Millionaires In Training (MIT) class,” enthuses Chauvon. “Our hierarchy is now focused on beating that number. We’re focused now on breaking records and having double-digit RVP attendance at the next MIT!”

Fantastic work, Chauvon and Antoine! You came to Primerica to change your family’s future. Your efforts have not only set that goal into motion, but they have also impacted the lives of those around you.


Ramirezes Celebrate Senior Vice President (SVP) Promotion

Thursday, September 25th, 2014


Big congratulations to Rina & Thomas Ramirez, of Rego Park, NY! This duo just advanced to the Primerica SVP level!


Islams Rise to Senior Vice President (SVP)

Monday, September 22nd, 2014


When new SVP Shak Islam, of Herndon, VA, met Primerica, he was earning $37,000 per year as a project controller. “I was paralyzed by my comfort zone,” explains Shak. “Primerica gave me the chance to break free of that and create something incredible for my family. For my wife, Iram, and me, the biggest difference in our lives now is the money. But I don’t think you make more money to have more money … you do it to have more freedom, and that’s exactly what we have because of Primerica.”

The Islams are proud of their SVP promotion – mostly because of what it means for their team. “We’ve been keeping the main thing the main thing,” says Shak. “Our focus has been to grow the size of our licensed team. It feels great to be at SVP, but it feels even better knowing we did it by focusing on developing other people.”

Keep up the great work, Shak and Iram! Your focus on developing new leaders on your team has put you well on your way to creating a strong hierarchy.


Charleses Take On the Senior Vice President (SVP) Level

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


Awesome job, Walter & Ruperta Charles, of College Park, MD! This hard-working duo just earned their Primerica SVP promotion!