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Presslers Take It to the Next Level

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Mike & Kirsten Pressler

When Mike & Kirsten Pressler, of North Haledon, NJ, decided to go for their Senior National Sales Director (SNSD) advancement – the highest level in Primerica – they got their whole team involved. “There’s no way to be an SNSD alone,” says Mike. “It truly is a team advancement. We are so humbled by how our team rallied around us and how hard everyone worked to help us to achieve this goal.

This personal accomplishment is exciting, but Mike says he and Kirsten are even more thrilled to be in a better position to help their teammates to achieve their goals as well. In fact, that’s one of their biggest goals for this year. “We want to grow our team like never before,” enthuses Mike. “We plan to increase the amount of Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) we have and help our people to experience the same kind of financial peace that we have found through Primerica.”

As thrilled as the Presslers are about finishing 2010 on such a high note, they’re even more fired up about 2011. “We have been with this company for 26 years,” Mike reflects. “We’ve been through ups and downs in the economy and we’ve seen Primerica continue to grow through them all. This moment right now presents us with a unique opportunity for growth. We believe we are perfectly positioned to not only help even more families but also to create a huge business explosion!”

It’s been an incredible journey so far for Mike and Kirsten – and they’re not done yet. “We came to Primerica to find the freedom of time and money that we could never have had with my former computer sales income,” explains Mike. “In the next 18 months, we plan to earn the Million‑Dollar Ring* and help our teammates achieve their dreams as well.”

He adds, “What better business to be in than one that offers a potentially unlimited income to ‘Main Street’ families, while helping them learn how to handle their money better? We are extremely excited about our future. As part of an independent company, we are finally in control of our own destiny and we are all totally in sync with a unified mission to grow!”

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Primerica income figures are based upon rolling 12‑month gross cash flow (including advances) as of December 2010. The cash flows stated are not intended to demonstrate the earnings of typical RVPs/representatives. Rather, the cash flows that have been cited reflect the potential that comes with building your business, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific cash flow level. Most RVPs/representatives do not achieve the levels illustrated. In the 12‑month period ending in December 2010, Primerica paid a total of $503,115,928 in compensation to the sales force at an average of $5,296 per licensed representative. Average RVP earnings are typically higher. Actual gross cash flow is, among other factors, dependent upon the size and scale of a representative’s organization, the number of sales and the override spread on each sale, and the ability and efforts of you and your downlines. Having said this, Primerica provides a tremendous opportunity for individuals who work hard and who desire to develop a business with strong income potential.