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Arturis Earn a Personal Record Best $22,213* in May!

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Mauro Arturi, Mara Arturi

May was a banner month for Mauro & Mara Arturi, of Markham, Ontario. They took their Primerica business to a new high to earn five figures in one month!* “Primerica has changed our lives in many ways,” enthuses Mauro. “One of the greatest things that has happened to us because of this business is that we’ve learned to believe in ourselves and to never let anything stop us from accomplishing anything we set our minds to.”


Zgheib Earns a Second Diamond*

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Pierre and Therese ZgheibBig congratulations to Pierre & Therese Zgheib, of Hamilton, Ontario, for earning a second diamond! Reps earn the Primerica Ring when they reach the $100,000* in income within a single 12-month period and then they receive diamond accents for each additional $100,000 in income they earn within the same time period.

*Primerica income figures are based upon rolling 12‑month gross cash flow (including advances) as of April 2011. The cash flows stated are not intended to demonstrate the earnings of typical RVPs/representatives. Rather, the cash flows that have been cited reflect the potential that comes with building your business, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific cash flow level. Most RVPs/representatives do not achieve the levels illustrated. In the 12‑month period ending in December 2010, Primerica paid a total of $503,115,928 in compensation to the sales force at an average of $5,296 per licensed representative. Average RVP earnings are typically higher. Actual gross cash flow is, among other factors, dependent upon the size and scale of a representative’s organization, the number of sales and the override spread on each sale, and the ability and efforts of you and your downlines. Having said this, Primerica provides a tremendous opportunity for individuals who work hard and who desire to develop a business with strong income potential.

Leathermans Get Closer to Ultimate Freedom as New Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs)

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Steven Leatherman

In his former occupation as a police officer, Steven Leatherman, of Fort Pierce, FL, says it was mostly internal politics that determined whether or not a person was able to rise up the ranks – and even then, there was that ever present “glass ceiling” that kept all but a select few from attaining the highest levels. So when he heard about the Primerica opportunity, the concept of having the freedom to determine your own destiny really spoke to him. “We love that here we are in business for ourselves and our advancements are made by working hard, not by connections higher up the corporate chain,” enthuses Steven.


Senior Vice President (SVP): A Family Affair for the Carreons

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Susan Carreon, Art Carreon

Family is a big part of Susan & Art Carreon’s drive to succeed, so making the decision to include their daughters in their plans to rise to the next level was a natural choice. “A little over a year ago, Art and I, along with our three daughters and one of our downline Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) flew to New York to help celebrate Primerica’s IPO,” recalls Susan. “The excitement of that event alone was enough to light a fire inside each one of us. That night, we went back to our hotel room and put together a game plan with our girls to take our business to the next level.”

She continues, “We needed one more downline RVP to push us up to the SVP level and we really wanted it to be one of our daughters. So, we all got to work, focusing on growth and on helping our youngest daughter, Casandrah do what she needed to do in order to advance.”

A year later, Casandrah did, indeed, advance to RVP and the whole family celebrated both her and Susan’s and Art’s success. “For us, being able to incorporate our girls into our game plan meant the world to us,” smiles Susan. “I encourage anybody who is fighting to get to the next level to develop a clear plan of action that includes not only your team, but your family as well. The beauty of this business is that in order to accomplish your own goals, you must set out to help others accomplish theirs first!”

Congratulations, Susan and Art! You took your business to the next level by focusing on others’ success. Keep up the great work!

Manns Stay Competitive as New Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs)

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Brady Mann, Jennifer Mann

Brady Mann, of Bedford, TX, thrives on competition. Growing up, he played sports and when it came time to pick a career, he channeled his competitive spirit as a teacher and football coach. So when he and his wife, Jennifer, heard about the Primerica business opportunity, it seemed like a perfect fit. “Money is a big motivator,” explains Brady, “but so is the chance to compete against other leaders. That’s what keeps us pushing ourselves to be better and to do more.”

Recently, the Manns’ competitive spirit helped them achieve one of their biggest goals: the SVP level. “It’s an amazing feeling to be here right now,” enthuses Brady. “We’ve been working really hard to stay on track and we finally did it! We’ve been focused on keeping our teammates fired up about building it big.”

He adds, “We’re finding that a lot of people who wouldn’t even look at the business opportunity a few years ago are no longer feeling secure in their jobs. We’re bringing a lot of people whose ‘good job’ isn’t as great as they thought it was onto our team. Not only that, but people are really struggling right now. They’re having trouble financially and are in a lot of debt. Primerica is perfectly positioned to help change that.”

Now that they’ve reached a new high in their business, Brady and Jennifer have even bigger plans for their future. “Our goal is to have at least 25 solid producers, who will turn into successful Regional Vice Presidents,” says Brady.

Awesome job, Brady and Jennifer. People need Primerica more than ever and you and your team are there in a meaningful way for families in your community.