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Bootys Take It to the Next Level: National Sales Director (NSD)!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Abram and Amy Booty

As a former high school coach, Abram Booty, of Shreveport, LA, knows a thing or two about motivating a team to go for greatness, and that skill is paying off both in his Primerica team’s successes as well as their own. “Our NSD advancement is truly representative of how our team is growing,” Abram reflects. “They’re achieving their own advancements and earning Primerica recognitions for their hard work and that’s helping us grow together.”

He continues, “My wife, Amy, and I are focused on building a big business so we can give our teammates an example to follow – like when we advanced to Regional Vice President a few years ago. We showed them how it’s done and we’ve been building them up to take their businesses to the next level even as we worked toward our own goals. We totally credit our downline leaders for getting us to where we are now.”

Like most people, Abram and Amy joined Primerica because they wanted to be in control of their lives, not be under someone else’s thumb. “We were looking for a way to have the freedom of time to spend with our family and an opportunity that would allow us to create the kind of lifestyle we wanted,” says Abram. “Primerica is the vehicle to help us do that.”

Phenomenal work, Abram and Amy! You’re setting a great example for your teammates to follow by doing it first!