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July 19th, 2011

Brackenridges Break Through Barriers as Senior Vice Presidents (SVP)

Irene and Lyle Brackenridge

Several years ago, Irene and Lyle Brackenridge, of Waipahu, HI, had two life-changing experiences on the same day. “Lyle and I were enjoying our wedding reception when one of the guests introduced us to the Primerica business opportunity,” recalls Irene. “At the time, I was 28 years old and burnt out from my corporate management job. I had come to realize that I had reached a point where I couldn’t climb any higher on the corporate ladder and I felt stuck. I knew I wouldn’t be able to have the kind of life I wanted for myself and my future family so I made the decision to quit my job. When we heard about Primerica that day, I immediately recognized that this business was our chance to do something special for our future.”

For the first eight years, Irene and Lyle worked together, building their business in California. “I was very shy and I wasn’t sure at first that I would be any good at sales, but Lyle and I loved the crusade and fully believed that every family needed the solutions Primerica provides, so we kept going,” says Irene. “Then, at a Primerica Convention, everything changed. Lyle and I got so fired up that we committed to focus 100% on eliminating all the personal and professional barriers to success and building something incredible.”

Part of their new strategy was starting fresh in a new place – so they moved their business to Irene’s native Hawaii, where, together, they’ve built a phenomenal organization. “I credit our success to the incredible partnership I share with Lyle,” enthuses Irene. “He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Because of him and our amazing team, we are on track for the life of our dreams.”

The Brackenridges’ hard work recently paid off when they advanced to SVP. But, as exciting as this accomplishment is, Irene says they’re just getting started. “We got here by talking about winning as a team,” says Irene. “We fought every day to find new leaders to bring onto our team and to help our established teammates to be their best in every way. Our goal now is to continue helping our downlines rise to the Regional Vice President level and beyond!”

Amazing job, Irene and Lyle! You didn’t let shyness or fear stop you from achieving the life of your dreams – and now you’re on track for an incredible future together.

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